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A great small business solution to collaborate between marketing executives and those who focus on improving the overall business performance for independent operators.

Whitelabel Apps & Directories

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Reputation Management

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Lead Management

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Download RezConnect to your Phone for Free!

(Contact information and some other important information)

The All-in-One Platform and Mobile Application DevTeam for Hire!

Below you will find instructions to download the FREE contact App. We would like to walk you through the journey of creating your own Whitelabel custom Loyalty Business Application. We offer several options! This service can assess your needs and determine what areas you can benefit from computer automation.

White Label And White Glove Packages

RezConnect Social Hubs Offer "White glove" Concierge Digital Services.

How do we provide a white glove service experience to all?

  • A 360-degree view of your customers' account

  • Choice of Channels

  • Customer-Centric

We Provide the Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Place to Live, Work, and Play!

We work with member organizations and small businesses to customize App directories for your brand - by professionally assessing your needs to determine the best tech-stack for your V.I.P. Merchant partner integrations.

Register a free listing in the business directory for Places, Events, Jobs, Apartments, and Services.

Where you can create, and choose any type of third-party solution to interface useful best in industry tech wrapped in your own Whitelabel mobile app. i.e. RezConnect Social Hubs communicates year-round loyalty and incentive programs with local businesses assisting in business practices for Payments, Gift Cards, Frequent Diners, Loyalty, Rewards, and Digital Menus to enhance your sales & marketing efforts for your business.

When you click to learn more our team will follow up with you!

Our team of software engineers & designers will customize the perfect mobile app for your business. We will demonstrate how you can grow through unified tech and service platforms with greater value propositions that focuses on improving the overall business performance for independent operators.

We Help To Demonstrate the Results

Why it's important to incorporate a.i. into your events and into your community engagement strategy.

Ways that your community can fuel a.i. content for your events and social.

How to use a.i. into your events to accelerate community growth and boost Members Retention.

Best a.i. practices for creating events that drive Community Engagement.

a.i. Social Hubs

RezConnect is designed to impact local businesses on Main Street and communicate their unique services to area local Residents and Visitors.

Experience The


Register a free listing in the business directory where an independent business owner as a Merchant, Vendor, or Place can create, and choose any type of third-party solution to interface Payments, Gift Cards, Frequent Diners, Loyalty, Rewards, and Digital Menus to enhance sales & marketing efforts for automating your Guests Experiences.

  • Free Directory

  • Free Listings

  • Jump Start

We help local businesses compete effectively with large retailers by:

  • Providing an affordable and easy way to communicate their promotions directly to their customers.

  • Increasing sales to current customers through direct digital communication.

  • Boosts customer visits and loyalty through incentive programs.

  • Using our Geolocation technology, attract new customers from our membership base.

  • Allows business owners the flexibility to easily and instantly create and customize their promotions and website.

  • Generates increased revenue and profits.

We Do The Work.

A dedicated professional team that works with each business to customize the ideal website, sales funnels, and mobile super apps to grow experiences, revenue, and sales.

Customer Direct Communication Program Includes:

Text Messaging, Emails, Push Notifications, In-store Marketing and Signup Incentives

Be up and running within 3 business days!

We solve the two most important hurdles local businesses have… Keeping existing customers and reaching out to new ones.


RezConnect Social Hubs offers subscribers crazy awesome solutions to begin the dance for deals that are close to home, and local businesses a simple way to connect with the community. When your business subscribes by filling out a Free Listing , we work together to set up and recruit raving fans to join exclusive deals right to the email or SMS inbox for local sales engagements. The best part? With every new contact small to medium size businesses are able to recruit raving fans and assist local charities, schools, ministries, and special causes through different associations and communities.


To align resources together that provide synergy and innovative solutions to small businesses that works within an enterprise managed service to improve performance, best practices & business processes.


A consultative sales approach for small businesses providing solutions for operations, marketing, finance, analytics, loyalty, and technical security & support on the subjects of information systems, software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, digital marketing, mobile solutions, managed services, payment processing, payroll and HR processing.


Represent developers and companies who
offer WL products, SaaS and PaaS and other solutions for small
businesses. The objective is to partner and grow passive income that
gives back to our community.

Today by partnering we can offer our customers and members an extensive, flexible suite of business solutions, tailored to meet individual needs. What does a partnership mean?

Digital RezConnect Social Hubs

How subscription works:

We help customers to outsource projects development affordably with the power of no-code.

7-Day Trial, A 7-day trial is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to experience the full benefits and features of a product or service before committing to a long-term subscription or purchase. With a 7-day trial, customers can explore all the functionalities and offerings at their own pace, allowing them to make an informed decision. This trial period provides ample time to test the product’s capabilities, assess its suitability, and fully understand its value proposition. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to unlock a world of possibilities with our 7-day trial offer. Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity today and start experiencing the benefits firsthand!

Get started with a 7-day trial to see if our subscription is right fit for you. It’s a risk-free opportunity to experience our services first hand.

Initial Consultation

During the trial, we’ll have a discussion with you and developer to understand you development needs.

Roadmap Development

Our developer will create a clear plan for your AI project. This roadmap will outline the proposed solution, project milestones, and estimated timelines.

Subscription Activation

Once you subscribe, we seamlessly transition from the trial to full-scale project execution. We’ll align the dedicated developer and project management processes with the roadmap created during the trial.

Flexible Resource Allocation

Our subscription model allows for easy resource allocation based on your project needs. If you require additional expertise, such as a designer alongside the developer, we can accommodate that within the subscription. You can seamlessly switch between the developer and designer, allocating their time based on the specific requirements of each project phase. This flexibility ensures that you have the right resources at the right time, optimizing efficiency and delivering the best outcomes for your AI development.

Ongoing Support and Iteration

As a subscriber, you’ll receive continuous support and iterative improvements. We’re committed to delivering high-quality AI solutions that meet your evolving needs.

Our AI experts are vetted and reliable experts for all your project development needs.

Easy One-to-one app share

The digital RezConnect Social Hubs are a great way to recruit raving fans that can be shared by you, referral partners, or new customers by using the mobile interface.

Scan QR code

Access ready-to-share marketing flyers that include a text keyword, QR code, and benefits to installing the digital social hub as your electronic business introduction to local community engagement.

Text keyword

Invest and Share your own unique text auto-response keyword that, when texted, will return a link to install your own whitelabel digital social hub that promotes your business.

CRM Integration

Initiate digital social hubs for your business to share via integration. Whenever a new contact is added to
your CRM, you can automatically share your social hub business information link via text.

With RezConnect Social Hubs, your prospective customers and referral partners can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, saving them time and helping you win more


Amplify your success

Capture every referral, deliver exceptional experiences, and boost your community engagement with RezConnect Social Hubs.

Drive more newsletter sign ups

Seamlessly create and link to your existing point of sale, encouraging more prospects to initiate contact. Equip your sales funnel with a wave of eager prospects actively engaging with your content, resources, and business, shopping, and community information.

Never miss a referral

Don’t let another valuable referral slip through the cracks. With RezConnect Social Hubs, you’re always on top of your game, capturing and capitalizing on every referral that comes your way.

World-class Community Engagement Experience

Stand out from the crowd by providing a seamless and personalized experience for your Guests, Visitors, and Potential Shoppers. RezConnect Social Hubs offers a platform that’s intuitive, engaging, and built to impress – making every interaction positive experience and a memorable one.

Cobrand your Digital RezConnect Social Hubs

Struggling to drive repeat loyalty business and expand your referral partners?

Your business card may get lost in the shuffle, leading to missed opportunities for valuable referrals.

Co-branding your Digital RezConnect
Social Hubs with referral partners is a game-changer for expanding your
network and driving repeat business.

Show off your partners

With a co-branded digital RezConnect Social Hubs, your tools and resources as well as your referral business partner’s contact information and website are highlighted.

Cobranded QR code

Share the digital RezConnect Social Hubs using a cobranded QR codes. Perfect for Merchant Trade Shows, Sidewalk sales, events, and larger venues and printed collateral for everyday handouts.

Cobranded text word

Share the digital RezConnect Social Hubs with cobranded text message keywords

Configure in minutes

Add a unique link, headshot, logo, and contact information for each referral partner

Powerful engagement insights

Get real-time notifications from prospective buyers and referral partnerswith more community engagement.

Real-time alerts

See real-time buying signals as prospects, clients use your digital RezConnect Social Hubs.

Fast lead capture

Every share captures lead’s name, number and provides insight into prospect’s topics of interest.

Never miss a referral

Referral alerts make follow-up easy. View notes from referrers on readiness of new lead.

RezConnect Pricing

These prices include Free Listings, Sales & Marketing of Places, Events, Jobs, Apartments, and Services for your business within the RezConnect Social Hub Network.


Basic White Label

Social Hub

Basic Web Page

Basic Sales Funnel

Basic Whitelabel App

24/7/365 Email Support

Week Day Live Support

$149 /mo.


Essential White Label

Social Hub

Essential Web Page

Essential Sales Funnel

Essential Whitelabel App

24/7/365 Email Support

Week Day Live Support

$699 /mo.


Premium White Label

Social Hub

Premium Web Page

Premium Sales Funnel

Premium Whitelabel App

24/7/365 Email Support

Week Day Live Support

$1,787 /mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need RezConnect.Store?

You don't need it. You will want it.

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How Hard Is It To Implement?

Its not hard at all. We are here to help you.

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How Will Others Benefit By Joining RezConnect.Store?

By working together we all will benefit.

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